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Dear members

There will be several work parties in the next few months to prepare the lodge for the winter. At this stage, the first four of these are scheduled for the following weekends:

  • 8+9 February
  • 15+16 March
  • 5+6 April
  • 3+4 May

If you think you may wish to attend a work party this season, please register your name with Tony Slatyer at slatyer@velocitynet.com.au. There is no need at this stage to indicate which weekend you may wish to attend. I will contact all who have registered a couple of weeks prior to each work party to advise whether the work party will be on the Saturday or the Sunday (or both), the nature of work to be done and to check your availability.

To assist with the costs of attendance, members or their associates who attend a work party are entitled to a $120 credit on the members account with the club, up to a maximum of two credits per membership per work party. If you wish to forward this email to your associates, I will be happy to receive registrations directly from them. Attendees are also entitled to free accommodation at the club on the night before and after the work party.

Many thanks
Tony Slatyer
Lodge Maintenance Officer

Tony Slatyer, our Lodge Maintenance Director would like to socialise the Lodge Building Works Report for 2013

Dear Members,

A more serious note than most, but important for everyone’s safety.

Please take the time to read the attached Fire Evacuation Orders before you next stay at the Lodge so that you are aware of the procedures should there ever be a fire, or should the fire alarm sound.

Best regards

Matthew Barnard
Secretary SRSC

This year the race will be on 20 July. The same format as last time. I think the comments below apply equally this year.

Last year we managed to photograph and video a few skiers which made for a very entertaining evening back in the lodge re-capping our day.

Older (and very much younger) skiers strongly encouraged as we think our best chances are in the “handicapped” category. (The more people we have who are very much older (or very much younger) the better our chances!)

Please let me know if you and/or your family would like to participate. The more the better. Please feel free to respond on an indicative basis, as there is no need to commit at this stage.

2011 Handicapped Team

Best regards


The Board maintains a list of people interested in becoming members of the Club.
Please let me know if you, or people you know, would like to be on that list.

Similarly, please let me know if you are interested in selling your shares.


Matthew Barnard
SRSC Secretary

(update  11/6/13)

Limited availability:    21 July – 4 August;

                                      18 – 31 August

Fully booked:  Weeks    30 June  - 21 July   [SE Australian school holidays]

  4 – 18 August

 All other weeks have beds available

Members are encouraged to attend work parties to help keep the lodge in good order and reduce reliance on costly paid labour. Work parties are also an opportunity for meeting other members and to ‘give back’ to the club. Work parties are on weekends, usually on Saturdays. Attendees can stay at the lodge at no cost the night before and/or after the work party and also received $120 credit on their club account for each work party attended to defray costs of attendance.

The following work parties are currently scheduled:

  1. 23+24 February
  2. 23+24 March
  3. 20+21 April
  4. 18+19 May (cleaning only)
  5. 1+2 June (if required)

As we are planning landscaping and building work this autumn on the deck and surrounds, these dates may be varied, or additional work parties may be scheduled, so members can assist with that project.

If you or your associates are interested in attending any work party, and have not already done so, please register your interest with the Lodge Maintenance Officer Tony Slatyer at slatyer@velocitynet.com.au. A couple to weeks prior to each work party, Tony will contact all who have registered to advise the kinds of jobs needing to be done and invite participation. “

Updated Booking Rules and Procedures

Please also refer to the SRSC Booking Procedures – Final for publication October 2012 for the original publication.

Part 1. Definitions

a) Member – the person named on the share certificate (in the case of joint shareholders, the first person named on the share certificate is the Member).
b) Associate – a person nominated as such by a Member, who may or may not be a Family Associate
c) Family Associates – has the meaning given in Part 2 section 3
d) Guests – non-Members invited and sponsored by Members.
e) Seasons – Winter season runs from the Queen’s Birthday holiday in June through to the Labour Day holiday in October or until the official end of the extended season or unless determined otherwise by the Board. The remaining time is the Summer season.
f) Accommodation Week – based on seven days from noon on a Sunday to noon on the following Sunday.
g) Five Day Week – based on five days from Sunday noon to the following Friday noon.
h) Accommodation Entitlement – For both summer and winter, an entitlement of 28 bed nights is available for each Membership of 700 shares taken in accommodation week allotments during the course of each season.
i) Confirmation of Booking Request – A written confirmation of a booking (signed by the Booking Officer or his or her nominated representative) which entitles the Members, Associates and/or invited guests to accommodation over the specified period.
j) Lodge Host(s) – A person or persons nominated by the Booking Officer to act as Manager(s) of the Lodge over a specified period.
k) Booking Officer(s) – A person or persons nominated by the Board to operate the Club’s accommodation system.
l) Lease – the lease of the Lodge premises granted by the NPWS as amended or renewed from time to time.

Part 2. Booking Rules

1. Objectives of the Booking Rules and Procedures

These booking rules and procedures have been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • As a first priority to enable each Member, either personally or with Associates and/or guests, the opportunity to use the Lodge.
  • To ensure that the Lodge occupancy is sufficiently high so that accommodation rates can be kept as low as possible.
  • To ensure that lodge occupancy complies with the conditions of the Lease.

Changes and variations to these booking rules and procedures may be made by the Board at any time as the need arises.

2. The Role of the Booking Officer

The Booking Officer operates the Club’s accommodation booking system in consultation with the Board for the benefit of all Members. In so doing, the Booking Officer follows rules authorised by the Board from time to time. No set of rules will cover every situation and the Booking Officer may be confronted with situations either not covered at all by the rules, or where application of the rules in the normal manner could be seen to be inappropriate. The Booking Officer may use discretion to meet
situations not covered by these booking procedures, including where he or she believes it necessary or reasonable to ensure there is no breach of the Lease.

Where possible, the Booking Officer will consult the Chairman or two other Directors in advance and will advise the Board at its next meeting of any discretionary decisions not covered by these procedures.

3. Associates

Each Member may nominate 3 Associates. A Member may only nominate more than 3 Associates if all the Associates are Family Associates.

Each of the following is a Family Associate: the second named person on the share certificate; the spouse (including a de facto spouse) of the Member; and any child of the Member or the Member’s spouse. For this purpose a child must be under 18, or under 21 and largely dependent on the Member for financial support.

For example, a Member may nominate as Associates:

(a) three friends
(b) one Family Associate (e.g. a spouse) and two other persons;
(c) a spouse, 4 of the Member’s children under the age of 18;
(d) a spouse, 3 of the Member’s children and one child dependent under 21 who lives with the Member.

To obtain accommodation in any calendar year at the Members’ rate for an Associate, whether that person is a Family Associate or not, the Member must nominate that person as an Associate in writing (email acceptable) to the Secretary by 31 December in the preceding year. The nomination takes effect for all that following calendar year, and cannot be changed during that calendar year. All nominations will remain unchanged unless advised in writing (including by email) by the Member.

The date for determining whether a person is too old to be a Family Associate for bookings in any calendar year is 1 January of that year. Each Member must advise the Secretary when a child Family Associate nominated by that Member ceases to qualify as a Family Associate because the child has attained the age of either 18 or 21 years (as applicable).

4. Conduct of Guests

All guests and dependent children (under 18) must be accompanied by the sponsoring Member or an Associate over 18. An exception may be made to this rule when another Member who will be present at the Lodge is prepared to host the sponsoring Member’s guests. In this instance, it is the sponsoring Member’s responsibility to seek the host Member’s agreement and to inform the Booking Officer at least 14 days prior to the first day of the accommodation period or at the time of the booking. No confirmation of a booking request will be issued unless this rule is adhered to. In all cases, the sponsoring Member will be held responsible for the conduct of all guests and dependant children booked in that Member’s name.

An Associate over 18 years of age may use the Lodge in the absence of the Member. Associates under 18 must be accompanied by the Member or Associate over 18, or hosted by another Member.

5. Room Characteristics and Bed Entitlement under the Lease


  • Room 1 – 3 beds plus one divan
  • Room 2 – 2 beds plus one divan
  • Room 3 – 3 beds plus one divan
  • Room 4 – 4 beds plus one divan, ensuite
  • Room 5 – 2 beds only
  • Room 6 – 2 beds only
  • Room 7 – 2 beds only
  • Room 8 – 2 beds only
  • Room 9 – 4 beds plus one divan, ensuite

The total number of beds is 24, which is the bed entitlement specified in the Lease and must not be exceeded. That figure does not include children less than 5 years of age. The divans are not normally intended for overnight sleeping and are not counted in the bed entitlement. They can be used by children under 18 years of age to provide some flexibility in accommodating families, provided that the total number of lodge occupants aged five or more does not exceed the maximum allowed under the Lease.

Members must bring their booking and payment confirmations with them whenever staying in the Lodge.

6. Basis for Bookings (Beds)

All bookings are made on the basis of one person per bed. Booking shall preferably be made for whole rooms rather than beds.

Where a Member specifically requests sole occupancy of a particular room for their party, all beds in that room must be paid for and will count against the Member’s accommodation entitlement. Room allocation or reallocation is ultimately at the discretion of the Booking Officer in the ‘wider’ interests of all Members. Refunds will be provided where appropriate. Members may find that they are allocated rooms larger than requested. Extra charges are not levied in these circumstances.

7. Accommodation Weeks

These bookings, made against the Member’s accommodation entitlement, may be taken consecutively, intermittently or concurrently during any one season. Any unused portion cannot be carried forward from one season to another. The accommodation entitlement time may be used by Members, Associates and invited guests at the prescribed rates. Priority for bookings is set out in the table in Part 3 below. As stipulated in the Lease, no person other than a bona fide manager of the premises may stay in the Lodge for more than 6 weeks in any Winter season..

8. Advance Bookings

Bookings for the Winter season can only be made from 1 January and any bookings received before that date will be read as at 1 January. Bookings for the Summer season can only be made as from 1 July and any bookings received before that date will be read as at 1 July.

9. Vacated Rooms and Cancellations

The Booking Officer reserves the right to re-let all rooms vacated by the occupants prior to the end of their accommodation period.

Occupants who vacate their rooms early may not re-allocate or re-sell their accommodation even if the booking was made against their accommodation entitlement. The Booking Officer or his/her nominated representative is the only person authorised by the Board to allocate and/or sell accommodation in the Lodge. The Lodge Host is not authorised to make bookings.

Fees for confirmed bookings will only be refunded, upon application, if the number of vacant beds on the booked night is less than the number of beds which were booked but not used by the Member, and only to that extent. For example if there are two vacant beds and the relevant booking was for three beds, one bed-night would be refunded. Any application for a refund must be made in the same calendar year as the booked date (or dates), or otherwise within 2 months of the booked date (or dates).

Members are encouraged to let the Booking Officer know of their proposed early departure or cancellation as soon as possible in order to allow other Members to use the Lodge.

10. Whole Lodge Bookings

Whole Lodge Bookings are available only during the summer season at the scheduled rates.

Normal bedroom capacity rules apply and only children less than 18 years of age are permitted to use the divans for overnight sleeping.

11. Transfer of Entitlement

A Member may, upon written application to the Board, split the accommodation entitlement of 28 bed nights proportionately between the first and second named persons on the share certificate, to allow the second named person to book accommodation against the allocated portion, independent of the first named person.

Once the written application has been approved, it will remain in force until advice from the Member in writing to the contrary is received by the Board.

12. Access to the Lodge

It is the responsibility of each person booked into the Lodge to ensure that they can gain access.

13. Responsibility for Keys

All sets of keys remain the property of the Club and are to be held by the Booking Officer for distribution to the Members who have made bookings.

No Member is to obtain or hold a personal set of keys.

All sets of keys are identified by different coloured tags. The Member who takes the keys is responsible for their return within 48 hours after closing down the Lodge.

A fine of $50 may be imposed upon the Member who takes the keys and does not ensure that they are returned within 48 hours of closing down the Lodge.

Once a fine is imposed, no further bookings will be made for the offending Member until the fine is fully paid. If the fine is not paid within a timeframe specified by the Board the Rule 20 (Expulsion) and/or Rule 20A (Suspension) will be exercised.

Objections to the fine may be lodged in writing to the Board for consideration.

14. Emergency Access

Emergency access to the Lodge is via a combination lock on the storeroom door. However, there is no access to the main set of keys. The combination will be regularly changed. To obtain the combination it will be necessary to phone one of the Booking Officers.

Part 3. Booking Procedures

Accommodation booking can be made by phone, or by email with follow-up by phone.

(a) Booking by phone

  • Member phones the Booking Officer.
  • Accommodation availability to checked and determined.
  • Payment amount is determined and agreed.
  • Any other outstanding payments are identified and agreed (subscription, locker, phone/ shop, levy), if applicable.

(Note: Bookings will not be accepted from members who have outstanding debts to the Club)

  • Credit card or EFT bank transfer is made
  • Booking Officer confirms the booking by email and sends to Member
  1. A booking and payment confirmation form
  2. Copy of the credit card payment slip if applicable
  • Accommodation is booked and confirmed.

(b) Booking by email

  • Member sends an email to the Booking Officer.
  • Accommodation availability is checked and determined.
  • Booking Officer advises Member of payment amount by return email, together with any other outstanding payments.
  • Member phones the Booking Officer to arrange payment by credit card or bank transfer as for phone bookings (see above). Supplying credit card details to the Booking Officer by email is not advised.

Booking Officer confirms the booking by email and sends to Member

  1. A booking and payment confirmation form
  2. Copy of the credit card payment slip if applicable
  • Accommodation is booked and confirmed.

It is not possible to make tentative bookings. Members must bring their booking and payment confirmations with them whenever staying in the Lodge.

A payment method other than using credit cards or bank transfer should be discussed with the Booking Officer and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Payment by bank transfer is strongly encouraged to minimise the charges incurred in payment by taking credit card.

2. Priority Order

Subject to the availability of space, booking for both Members and Guests will be confirmed according to the following priority order:

  Accommodation Period Confirmation would be given
Against entitlement Accommodation weeks only At any time prior to the first day required
Not Against entitlement Accommodation weeks Winter – From 1 May
Summer – From 1 Nov
  Five Day Weeks Winter – From 1 May
Summer – From 1 Nov
  Weekends Winter – from beginning of the winter season
  Periods of at least 2 days other than Friday or Saturday nights From 14 days
  Single nights and weekends From 7 days

Within the priority order above, bookings will be made on a ‘first in, first served’ basis.

3. Rates – All rates are set by the Board prior to the beginning of each season.

All persons occupying a bed must pay the full rate.

Children under 18 years of age who do not require a bed (i.e. use a divan) may be accommodated in the same room as their host provided that all beds in that room are paid for and the total bed entitlement of the lodge is not exceeded. This type of accommodation is classified as ‘other’ in the rates.

Subject to their nomination in accordance with the booking rules, Associates are entitled to accommodation at the Members’ rates.

4. Bookings Officer contact details

Winter bookings Iris Bramley

5 Mt Colah Road
Phone: 02-9482 2226
Email: winter@snowyriverskiclub.com.au
Booking hours: From Monday to Thursday strictly
between 8.00 pm and 9.00 pm

Summer bookings Polly Adams

4 Beeby Place
Phone: 02-6247 4643
Email: summer@snowyriverskiclub.com.au
Bookings hours: At any reasonable time before 8.30 pm

Each Booking Officer will act as first reserve when the other is not available. In exceptional circumstances when neither Booking Officer is available for an extended period, the Chairman of the Board will act as second reserve.

Rooms frequently become available at weekends in winter when occupants vacate their rooms early. These rooms are available for re-letting at short notice. Members may find out whether any beds are available by contacting the Booking Officer by telephone on Thursday evening between 8.00 and 9.00pm, or by email on Friday or Saturday.

Hi everyone,

This race is confirmed, and most likely to be held on the blue run, Lindner, in order to encourage participation and non-skiing spectators. (Lindner is the run on the left of the blue Calf T-Bar as you look up.)

The race is a team event, and open for young (kids), those in between, and the old (the rest of us).

The race is supposed to start at 10am. The after race get together at the pub is from 3pm onwards.

Can you please let me know if you are likely to be there? The organiser wants to get a feel for numbers.

Please contact Iris Bramley, the winter booking officer, re bed space,although I suspect the lodge is fully booked. The late start is to encourage people (from Canberra at least) to consider a day trip.

Please get back to me as soon as you can. No need to reply if there’s no chance of you participating.

Best regards

Matthew Barnard
Secretary SRSC

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