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Snobounds June 2016










Snobounds June 2016

Annual General Meeting & Social Dinner

This year’s AGM was held on Saturday 28th May 2016; attendance numbers were up on previous years with about 25 members present. The new venue, the Eastlake Football Club, proved to be successful and most attendees stayed on for a convivial dinner and a few drinks. The night seemed to be very successful and it is proposed to repeat the performance next year. We might also think about an “end of season” function – the same sort of informal dinner format – in September or October. The meeting date clashed with a Brumbies (world renowned ACT Rugby Union team) game which meant some members had to leave early. We will endeavor to avoid this problem next year. Our secretary Matthew has circulated a summary of the AGM proceedings. Any members who have queries of comments feel free to email or phone the chairman or one of the Board members. Contact details are on the web site.

40 Great Years

The 4th of July 2016 is the fortieth anniversary of the official opening of Doorack Lodge. 40 years of fantastic winters (and this one is shaping up as one of the best). That’s about 110,000 winter season bed-nights. Every one made possible by the very hard work put in by the original members, who built the building, and by the work and dedication of innumerable committee members and work party participants ever since. Thank you all very very much. Those of us who will be at the lodge on the 4th will be drinking your health.

Skiing overseas

Many SRSC members have skied overseas; those who haven’t probably want to, and those who have probably want to go again to new and exciting places. When you are thinking of going a great source of information is people that you know, who have been there and done that! The Snobounds editorial team would like to tap into the great world-wide skiing knowledge base of our membership, and share it around. So, if you’ve skied outside Australia recently we’d love it if you could share your memories to help fellow members. Any information provided will be published in future editions of Snobounds. The info you provide can be as simple as a few comments on where you went and how you rated it, to as much detail as you like. Ideally also a phone or email contact so that members interested in going to the same place can get the real low-down details on where to stay, where to eat and where the best runs are. An email in reply to the email to which this Snobounds is attached is all that’s needed.

To get the ball rolling the report below on Park City in Utah has been submitted by Polly and Tony Adams Snobounds Newsletter of the Snowy River Ski Club Cooperative Ltd Doorack Lodge at Guthega in the Kosciuszko National Park 2

Park City Utah Ski Report

We’ve been there twice in the last 5 years, the second time because we enjoyed the first so much, and would happily go again. Since our last visit Park City Resort has been connected via a Gondola to the adjoining Canyons resort, providing a massive total ski area. It is now owned by Vail resorts, so your perisher annual pass will (apparently) work.

Key features:

  • Travel is not too difficult, a 12 hour (or so) flight to L.A. or San Francisco, a connecting flight (about 2 hours) to Salt Lake City then a 40 minute shuttle to Park City.
  • Park City is a “real” town – originally a silver mining town – rather than a purpose built ski resort. This gives it lots of character (the main street is heritage listed).
  • It’s also pretty sophisticated as the home of the Sundance Film Festival (run by Robert Redford for a week in January).
  • There is a choice of about 50 restaurants and the same number of art galleries, plus lots of shops and bars including the Wasatch brewery making its own beer. Main Street is all go in the evening.
  • Deer Valley resort is a 10 minute free shuttle bus ride away – its one of the resorts where they ban snowboards (for the record, this doesn’t seem to make much difference to the snow quality, but sartorial standards are certainly improved, no backwards baseball caps). Also, they limit day visitors, so it’s never crowded.
  • Utah is inland, high and dry. The weather and snow quality is magnificent. Rain in winter is apparently unheard of.
  • The “town lift” accessing the mountain is in the main street, our accommodation was ski in –ski out.
  • The skiing is magnificent.
  • If you are thinking of a trip we would be happy to share more info – 02 62474643 or email tpfadams@netspeed.com.au













2016 – an El Nino Year (revised)

In our last edition we reportred on the pundits forecasts that 2016 was looking to be an El Nino year – which wasn’t really good news for skiing.
But we remained hopeful and guess what -

It looks like we can finally say goodbye to El Nino and possibly look to see a La Nina pattern emerge later in the season as surface temperatures across the Pacific have cooled significantly . But for the time being we are in a nuetral (ENSO) state, which is positive news for the snowfields with cooler nights expected and less warmer airflows from the north to the mountains.

……..says Pete “the frog” Taylor, a long term forecaster who runs the “Snowatch” website. And he’s right because it’s snowing already.

Lodge maintenance and renovations

The deck extension work to take the deck around the corner of the lodge in front of the kitchen, renovation of the two fire escapes on the northern wall, and installation of a new and larger window in the north wall at the mezzanine level, is mostly complete. The only outstanding item is the new window, delayed till next summer because it has to be imported from Europe. The deck extension provides a terrific place for sitting outdoors, sheltered from the southerlies, and in the sun. The Turnak lodge rebuild (next door) is mostly complete. Bigger better and all brand new inside and out.

Driving and Parking

It goes without saying that we all need to be extra careful when driving in the Mountains in winter – so please allow plenty of time for your trip and drive responsibly, and throw a shovel in the boot – very handy if you need to dig yourself out of the deep snow drifts that we are hoping for. We also believe that the road authorities have had a change of policy regarding the Link Road – the short cut to Smiggins – previously it has simply been closed from the official start to the official end of the season, now it will remain open when conditions allow.

At the end of this Snobounds you will find a sheet of parking tickets for use when you are at the lodge; obviously these are only for use by members and guests when staying overnight at Doorack.

And for those of you who are worried about global warming and rising sea levels affecting our skiing – there is a solution …..


summary SRSC AGM – Saturday 28 May 2016
The AGM was held at the Eastlake Football Club on 28 May 2016. It was well attended with 25 members. A number of members stayed on for dinner after the meeting.


Members will have seen the Treasurer’s report:

  • The annual subscription for 2016 has been decreased to $400.
  • The Club’s accommodation charges remain the same, since they have been sufficient to cover usage costs.
  • The sinking fund levy remains at $100.

As reported to the membership in late 2015, due to the imposition of amended building standards the cost of renovating the decks and fire escapes increased. The Club looked for innovative ways to fund the work so that it could be completed in a timely manner. Due to the willingness of a number of members to pay the forecast capital levies in advance, and of others to make loans to the Club, the work has been done over summer. As anticipated, this required, and the Club has set, a capital works levy of $300 for 2016.

Club management

Tony Adams, Pierre Delarue and David Hogg were re-elected to the Board.

Lodge maintenance and renovations

It was expected that the renovation of the deck, the building of the new northern deck and the renovation of the fire escapes would be completed and certified by the engineer in the week following the meeting [Secretary comment – this has been done]. The installation of the new mezzanine window will need to be done next summer as the fire-resistant window was not available in Australia. We have been told by the builder that it has been ordered from Europe.

Further into the future

After the above work is completed, the next major work will be the re-cladding of the northern face of the lodge since the current cedar cladding is extremely weathered. This will need to be done in a fire-resistant material.

Other business

False fire alarms can lead to the Club incurring a $1,500 charge. It is not possible to halt the imposition of the charge simply by contacting the fire brigade when the alarm sounds. Accordingly all members are asked to avoid this occurring. Special care needs to be taken in
the laundry (e.g. there was a false alarm caused by ski waxing), and in the kitchen (smoke from burnt toast).

The new booking system seems to be going well, and there were no major teething problems. Some members had opted to book 5 and 6 day weeks (although the majority still booked 7 day weeks). It seemed likely that the system will reduce the number of vacant beds on weekends (which has historically been caused by early departures).

The Club no longer takes credit card for summer bookings, instead requiring direct credit into the club’s bank account.

Chairman’s Report 2016

SRSC Chairmans report 2016

Fellow members,

I am pleased to be able to make this annual report following another successful year for the club, and in the year that marks the fortieth anniversary of the opening of the lodge which occurred in July 1976. There was also a good deal of snow! I welcome all members who have been able to attend the AGM and acknowledge the greater numbers who are unable to attend but who nevertheless maintain a keen interest in the operation and management of the club.

There are a number of matters that I would like to touch on in this report.


Firstly, and of particular importance, you will see from the Treasurer’s report that the club finances continue in a healthy and sustainable state. There have been a number of capital and maintenance costs in recent years related to the upgrading of the lodge to meet fire requirements and of course the replacement and extension of the front deck. This has necessitated the imposition of some additional costs on members and the committee is appreciative of the cooperation that has been evident through this process. Running costs seem to be continuing to rise, not least because of an ever increasing level of regulatory control, but this is inevitable and must be managed. The Committee continues to be vigilant with regard to costs and the introduction of the sinking fund will help to smooth the peaks of capital expenditure in coming years.

Perisher Range Resorts governance review

As members will be aware the lodge is held by the club under a lease from the NSW Government (which, following the recent renewal, expires in 2058). The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has a responsibility for overall management and day-to-day operational responsibilities for the Perisher Range Resorts. This includes the 126 club and commercial lodge leases, which is now not seen as core business for NPWS. The Government is looking to the private sector for a model to deliver these important services and increase investment and visitation, through additional year-round activities. Consequently, a review of the management arrangements for the Resorts is underway. SLOPES (Ski Lodges Organisation of Perisher Smiggins and Guthega) have been representing all lodges, including us, in the consultation process that the Government has been conducting. A likely outcome is that a “head lease” will be created and offered to the open market.

Club leases would be reassigned from the current landlord (the Government) to the new head lessee. This arrangement is not dissimilar to the Thredbo situation where the head lessee is KNP Pty Ltd, and the club and commercial lodges are sub-lessees.

Club membership succession planning

A member has recently raised with the committee the matter of succession planning, noting that, with the club now being over forty years old there may be a danger of an ageing membership leading to a gradual decline of the club. The secretary has provided me with data for the ten year period 2006 – 2015 and I can advise as follows: An average of 2.7 memberships changed hands each year, a total of 28 memberships. This equates to a “churn” of a bit over 25% of the total memberships over a ten year period. Generally speaking, when a membership is purchased, the purchase is by a younger person, either single or a young family. This means that the club is achieving a healthy level of injection of “young blood” to the tune of about a quarter of the total membership over ten years and theoretically would be completely renewed every forty years. This would seem to be a very healthy situation.


Members will be aware that we have this year begun trialing a new booking system, with bookings for 5 day weeks and weekends now possible. All seems to be working well and we look forward to increased overall occupancy for the coming season. This initiative was in part at least stimulated by comments from some members to the Committee; the sinking fund is another example of a member initiated improvement. I encourage any members who may have ideas for improvements to share them with a committee member.

The Committee

A feature of this club, and an important consideration for me when I agreed to participate on the committee, was the quality of the management team. Last year I took on the Chairmanship of the Committee from Peter Newton. Peter joined the Committee in 2002 and was chairman from 2002 to 2015. He has provided more than sterling service to the club and his stewardship is a principal reason for the high standards that have been maintained. It was the intention of the Committee to present Peter with a small gift to acknowledge his service at an annual dinner at the end of last season, but the dinner did not eventuate. So I now take this opportunity to thank Peter for his commitment to the club and look forward to spending time on the slopes with him in the future.

I will also take this opportunity to sincerely thank each of the committee members:

  • Matthew Barnard, secretary
  • David Hogg, Treasurer
  • Tony Slatyer, Maintenance officer
  • Geoff Chubb, 2nd maintenance officer
  • Pierre Delarue, Providore
  • Iris Bramley, Winter bookings officer

Without them, and their hard work and enthusiasm, nothing would happen.

Finally I’d like to thank my wife Polly, for her overall help and support, but especially for doing all the real work as summer bookings officer, work that would otherwise fall to me.

Kind regards

Tony Adams

Lodge Maintenance Report to 2016 AGM

Lodge Maintenance Report to 2016 AGM

In summary, routine maintenance work has been minimised this year while we have concentrated on getting the major building work done. There have been only two work parties to date and it is possible there will be no further work parties prior to the winter.
The major building project is now almost completed, after funds were raised via prepayment of levies and loans from members. The only work remaining is some bracing under the new fire escapes, which is expected to be done prior to the AGM, and the new
mezzanine window, which will be done in the spring.

Members and other lodge users can now benefit from the new side deck, which should be a fantastic place to enjoy sunny days this winter, safer access and egress from the front door, safer deck and fire escape structures, and reduced maintenance costs for the foreseeable future. Members have also avoided the costs (likely to have been over $2 million) of rebuilding the lodge, as is occurring next door at Turnak, as these works fulfill all of our obligations to comply with the requirement of the 2009 Health and Building Audit.

I thank Geoff Chubb who since his appointment to the Board at the 2015 AGM has oversighted this long-running project. In terms of costs, we are pretty well on budget: The 2015 AGM was advised these works
would cost between $144,000 and $194,000 depending on how much of the fire escapes structures needed to be rebuilt in steel, which was still being finalised at the time of the last AGM. As it happened, the fire escapes needed new steel decking. The final cost will be around $180,000. Further of progress and costs of the project are below.

Completed since 2015 AGM

  • Front door frame repaired (builder)
  • New side deck and adjoining walk way to the front deck completed. Upper level fire
  • escape replaced. Lower level fire escape replaced but requires bracing.
  • Trees cleared from rear of lodge to comply with bush fire safety requirements (Geoff and Tony)
  • Dripping tap in room 9 bathroom repaired (Tony)
  • Several wet areas repainted (work party of 1 May)
  • Firewood resupplied (work party of 1 May)
  • Sleds repaired (work party of 1 May)
  • Outside bench seat repaired (work party of 1 May)
  • Repair of kitchen power point, and bed-lights in room 9 (electrician)
  • Front of lodge repainted (courtesy of Lyndon Costin)
  • Loose tiles replaced (work party of 15 May)
  • Pre-winter clean-up (work party of 15 May)

To be done before this winter

  • Completion of lower fire escape (builder)
  • Make weather proof the door to the lower fire escape (may require a carpenter)
  • Repair or replace drying room heater (electrician)
  • Repair stove-top element (electrician)
  • Replace some further loose bathroom tiles, if time permits.

Tony Slatyer
Lodge Maintenance Director
15 May 2016

Snobounds Feb 2016










Snobounds February 2016










Snobounds December 2015

Snobounds June 2015











Snobounds June 2015

ACT Sports House no longer has facilities at Hackett so we are moving the AGM this year.

It will be held at the Griffith Neighbourhood Centre, 51 Stuart Street, Griffith, 2603.

Please see Google Earth image below.

It will be held at 11am on Saturday, 16 May 2015 I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

Formal notice of the meeting will be issued shortly.

Best regards


Matthew Barnard

We keep the lodge in good condition through work parties, where members volunteer their services for a day. Work parties for 2015 are being planned for the Saturday or Sunday (to be confirmed) of the following weekends:

  • 14+15 February
  • 14+15 March
  • 11+12 April
  • 9+10 May
  • 30+31 May (pre-winter clean up)

Attendees are allowed free accommodation on the nights before and after the work party day and are also provided a credit on the member’s account of $140 to cover all expenses incurred in attending, such as petrol and park entry.

If you think you can assist the club by attending a work party next year, please register your interest with the Lodge Maintenance Officer Tony Slatyer (slatyer@velocitynet.com.au). If you register with him, Tony will contact you a couple of weeks prior to each work party weekend to inform you which day is proposed and the kind of work needing to be done and to check your interest in attending.

Many thanks
Tony Slatyer

Lodge is booked from 29 June – 31 August
If you would like to be notified of weekend cancellations or wait-listed for other days, please send an email to srsc_winter@bigpond.com

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